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Foraging Simulation following Geometric Framework Models - Part 1

Conception, Idea, and Writing: Patrick Lauer and Urs Kalbitzer. Realization and Programming: Patrick Lauer. Introduction Animals forage …

Download and illustrate current and projected climate data in R

Current climate data, and projections how climate may change in the (near) future, are important for various reasons. For example, such …

African Mammals

Interested in the distribution of animal species on a global or continental level? This can be easily illustrated with R using the data …

Creation and Detection of Clusters in Social Networks - Part 2

In the previous post, I simulated clustered networks with varying strength of within-group, between-close-groups, and between-group …

Creation and Detection of Clusters in Social Networks - Part 1

Social networks often exhibit some kind of clustering (or community structure), such as distinct social groups in animal societies, or …

Urs Kalbitzer

About this Blog

For my research, I analyze behavioural, ecological, geographic, socio-economic and other types of data. Usually, the first steps are to figure out how and from where to get the data (if they are publicly available), to do some first cleaning and pre-processing, and then to test potential methods to obtain insights from the data.
Since I very often benefit from other blogs while working with data, and because I am absolutely fascinated about all the possibilities that arise from public data and open source tools, my aim for this blog is to share some of my data projects. My hope is that other people benefit from this blog just as I benefit from all the great resources made available by other people.

For more information about my research, please look at my webpage.


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